About the project

Children bear the brunt of climate injustice, and we know that children are deeply concerned about the future of their planet. Climate change, plastic in the oceans and rainforest destruction are just some of the things children from Oxfordshire primary schools told us mattered to them in our recent art and dialogue event Our Lives, Our Futures.

This new study Our World, Our Futures connects researchers, primary school teachers and children in two countries, the UK and the Maldives, to develop an exciting cross-curricular Environmental Education and Global Citizenship project.

Through sharing art, literacy and digital media, children are teaching each other about the spaces in which they live, learning to understand one another’s perspectives, and taking action for a better future as global citizens.

Funded by a Research Excellence Award, this project is an initiative of Oxford Brookes University’s Children and Young People Network and involves an international and interdisciplinary team of researchers with expertise in science, arts, literacy and sustainability education and children’s futures thinking.

A poster created with coloured pencil and felt pen. Image: A circle is divided into two vertically by a stark black line. The left hand side shows fish killed by plastic pollution. The right hand side shows a map of the earth. Two swords at diagonals allude to the CND sign. The words "YOU CAUSED THIS" in red and "WE FIX IT", in green, surround the circle.

Education… must be oriented in terms of the question of what it means to be human at this time, a time when we have a profoundly new understanding of human immersion within the life systems of planet earth in context of the new science of the evolution of the universe

Apple et al., 2022, p. 6